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Meet the Maths Team

Photograph of the Maths team

Miss Stokes (Head of Maths), Mr Bartle (Assistant Head of Maths),
Mr Storey, Miss Coventry, Miss Webb and Miss Allen.

Why study Maths? 

Maths helps us understand the world.  

Learning Maths improves our ability think clearly and effectively so we can solve problems. 

Maths knowledge and skills are important for all other subjects and aspects of life outside of school. It’s nearly impossible to go a day without using Maths! 

We think solving Maths problems makes people feel good and the more we study Maths the more fun the problems become!


Key Stage 3 Curriculum Information: 

Our curriculum ensures that all pupils are able to make good progress regardless of their prior attainment. 

We teach with the aim that all pupils will achieve a full understanding of the knowledge specified in the curriculum for each year, and we want this understanding to be retained and developed over time.  

Our curriculum is carefully constructed to ensure that students are confident with the specific mathematical skills needed before moving on to solve problems. 

The curriculum has been carefully designed to continuously interleave content, enabling pupils to revisit prior knowledge. 

Our curriculum map can be found on the school website here


Enrichment to the curriculum: 

These websites are recommended: 




Link to activities: 

A blue square, with two white squares above it, one below it, one to the left, and a long white square to the right of it.The numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 are to be placed, one per square, in the diagram shown.  The four numbers in the horizontal row and the four numbers in the vertical column must add up to 21.  

What number goes in the blue square?

This website has lots of interesting puzzles: 


5 Frequently Asked Questions:  

  1. How often do pupils study Maths? 
    KS3 pupils have 9 lessons and two homework tasks per fortnight. 
  2. How are higher/lower ability pupils supported? 
    Pupils are taught in sets. 
  3. How are pupils grouped for Maths? 
    Setting is based on KS2 attainment and our baseline assessment. 
  4. How well do pupils do in Maths GCSE? 
    Our Progress 8 score is positive year on year. 
  5. How often in Maths homework set? 
    Homework is set weekly via the online platforms HegartyMaths or Sparx.

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